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    Today is your day. 
    You’re off to Great Places! 
    You’re off and away!” 
    This beautiful words came from Dr. Seuss who wrote “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”, a famous and uplifting illustration book published on 1990. Have you ever felt out of place, or that no one understands you? We all have been there, but do you want to know something? 
    It is normal. 

    And do you want to know….the big secret? 

    It does not matter. Just go.! 

    We are declaring 'The Places You’ll Go!’, a meaningful message about the importance of seizing new opportunities, keeping an open-mind, and trying new things stands out. We want you to be sure of everything that you want - is coming your way! 

    'The Places You'll Go' represents what it is like to have a celebration of time on your wrist. We bring striking colours of Mexico that tells us to have some fun for a little while, or to the free-spirited colours of India that apprises us on how powerful a culture can be, and the shades of scandinavian colours that reminds us to ponder over our intimacy with the nature. 

    Furthermore, it is an ode to ‘Living coral’, or Pantone 16-1546 that has been named as colour of the year. It is described as “buoyant, vibrant and effervescent”. Likewise, Woodka believes in ‘Fun’. Bright colours of hidden places, the sound of guitar that plays your favourite song, the shine of fruits on the local market saying “O, pick me!”, or even that thrill when waves crawling up to your feet on the beach. 

    We are inviting you to find your joyful pursuits, to run as fast as you can and to seek originality within you that is waiting to be ignited.

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