New Wave

Fresher - Cooler - Groovier
Waves are omnipresent. Whether knowingly or not, they are always there. Waiting for us to find a way to respond to them. Sometimes, we deal with waves in such a manner that gives us the sense of relaxation and ease; hearing the sound of the wave at sea breaking as they hit the shore, listening to the sound wave of our loved ones speaking. Other times, we respond by feeling recharged and energised; looking at waves of protests, having new waves of ideas in mind. Though very contradictory, one thing always remains the same. We always respond.
Woodka’s brand new collection “New Wave” help you through something fresh to remind yourself not to forget to #embraceUniqueness. We believe that bring your own “New Wave” into your life will gives you some kinda refreshing sensation. This sensation of being relaxed yet recharged and eased yet energised is the very thing that we are trying to reflect.
The product itself inspired by the curves of a wave that we often surf and rave, designed in such a way that makes it aerodynamic yet still aesthetic. By mimicking the nature of the waves in our new product, we are inviting all of you to join the quest to find new waves to respond to. They are always out there, it’s just a matter of how hard we’re looking for them.